Kaomailanna منتجع

The Wellness of Symphony

Possibly the only place in Chiang Mai city, حيث تم تحويل مزارع التبغ والحظائر علاج في حديقة هادئة. زينت هذا الإعداد المثالية من طابقين وستة وثلاثين غرف النزلاء في الاعتراف طابعها وتاريخ فريد. Furnishings have been designed exclusively for each room along with individual interior décor offset by colonial style antique furniture. As the new dawn’s sun rises over the horizon, enjoy a walk in the early morning and breath in the crisp, cool air of theNorthern Ghats. Suggested popular activities include strolling through the tropical surroundings on an elephant, visiting the heights of Doi Inthanon, and shopping for artistic wares at the Tawai handicraft village.

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