Khao Ngon Nak Bellevue

Miracle over the Sea of Fog of Krabi

The lofty mountain by the sea, covered by rich primary forest, is the habitat of various wild animals. At 500 meters from the sea level is Ngon Nak Top, with a lookout for you to conquer, for a panoramic view from Ao Nang to Hong Island, and Yao Island (Phang-Nga) to Ao Thalen, and a superb beauty of the outcrops in the sea in the mist at sunrise.

أفضل وقت لزيارة : Late November to May
أفضل فترة من اليوم : 6.30 إلى 7.30 ساعة. Evening 18.00 إلى 19.00 ساعة.

كيفية الوصول الى هناك : From Krabi Town, follow Highway No.4034 to Ban Nong Thale, turn left towards the Palace, and turn right past the Thap Khaek Hotel to the end of the road, to find a 4-kilometer nature study traill up to Khao Ngon Nak Bellevue