Khao Pha Khom

Rocky Windows and Secret Lagoon in the Sea

The wondrous stone cliff of the Laem Sak limestone hills lies hidden not far away from Laem Sak Pier, around Chong Lad Tai, straddling up to 100 meters, with stalactites forming a curtain, as amazing windows through which on has to stoop down, as the origin of the name Khao Pha Khom. Behind the cliff is a large lagoon, which is filled with emerald green water every 3rd day to the 6th day of the waning and the waxing moon.

أفضل وقت لزيارة : على مدار السنة, but the best period is from November to May

أفضل فترة من اليوم : Morning at sunrise from 6.00 إلى 7.00 ساعة. while the tour of the lagoon should be suring high tide, the 3rd to the 6th day of the waxing or the waning moon, when the tide is at its peak during daytime.

كيفية الوصول الى هناك : From Laemsak Boat Landing., use the long-tailed boat for a trip of about 20 minutes