Tha Pom Khlong Song Nam

The only venue of two-water ecology in Thailand

The prominent ecological system of the Pom Khlong SongNamis linked to the period of ebb and flow each day. The tide determines the ecological system of two adjacent forests, and mangrove forest in brackish water area, with rich biodiversity to suit the condition. Another amazing character is the changing color of water in the canal, from clear to emerald green and blue.

أفضل وقت لزيارة : على مدار السنة, ولكن أفضل المدة أواخر نوفمبر.-مايو.

Best time of the day : The peak of the high tide from the 12th day of the waxing or the waning moon, to the 5th day of the new moon, about 1 hour before the tide reaches its peak.

كيفية الوصول الى هناك : From the city area of Krabi Town, follow Highway No.4 and turn left at Ban Khao Khram into a local road to Tha Pom Khlong Song Nam, lying about 5 كيلومترات أبعد, altogether about 34 kilometers in distance.