Ba Kan Tiang Beach

The Superb Beauty of the Ko Lanta Beaches

Ko Lanta Yai is known as anislandofKrabiwith several beautiful beaches along the western side of the island, all open out to theAndamanSea. All these beaches are perfect for relaxing and swimming. But the most beautiful beach is Ba Kan Tiang Beach, over 1 kilometer long as the apex of Ko Lanta beach beauty.

Labing maayo nga oras sa pagbisita : Kaniadtong Nobyembre hangtod Mayo

Labing kaayo nga yugto sa adlaw : Buntag 8.00 sa 12.00 hrs.and at sunset about 18.30 oras.

Unsaon pagkuha didto : From Krabi, gamita ang Highway No.. 4 past Khlong Thom District up to the intersection to the pier, into Lanta lsland, gamita ang Highway No.. 4206, and cross by ferry twice from Lanta Noi to Lanta yai lsland, with beachfront road on the West throughout the entire island.