Hin Muang, Hin Daeng

One in the Ten Best Dive Sites of the World

The beauty of the underwater world made up of plenty of red soft coral and red sea fan coral on underwater rock cliff about 60 méter magas. Nem messze található Hin Muang, A Purple rock, víz alatti szikla 200 méter hosszú, where numerous purple soft coral can be found. It is also an assembling point for large fish, especially the Manta Ray, and the whale shark. It is ranked as one in the ten best dive sites of the world.

A legjobb alkalom, hogy látogassa : December to April, with February to march as the prime period

A legjobb időszak a nap : 10.00 nak nek 13.00 óra.

Hogyan juthatunk el oda : The most convenient point is Sala Dan Boat Landing, Lanta Yai lsland, a distance of about 75 kilometers, for a boat trip of about 3-4 hours.