Canoeing at Laem Sak

A New ldyllic Site for Campeosts

There are beautiful canoeing points throughout Laem Sak, from the stone poles and bonsai plants in the sea, which emerge clearly at low tide, Sea Tribe Cave, Chong Lad Nuea which appear like a lagoon in heaven surrounded by hills and high cliffs, Hin Lek Khon that reminds viewers of Ko Tapu in Phang-Nga Bay, and the stalactite cave near Laem Fai Mai which is the best canoeing site to view sunset in the Phang-Nga Bay.

訪問する最もよい時期 : 月下旬〜11月

その日のベスト期間 : Morning and afternoon with no intense heat. The period of ebb and flow each day should also be watched, as it is more beautiful at high tide. ln late afternoon at sunset, the area around Laem Fai Mai is the best site for canoeing.

そこに着く方法 : For the distance if 17 kilometers from Ao Luk lntersection to Laemsak Pier, 高速道路はありませんを使用します. 4309. From here, boat can be boarded to various canoeing sites. A whole day is needed to visit all sites.