The Symbol of the Town on the Shortest River in Thailand

The mountains as the symbol of Krabi, stand on both sides of theKrabiRiver, rich in mangrove forests. It is the most photographed site in the province. A monument to sea crabs has been built on the quay, as a lookout point. Taking cruise to Khao KhanapNam, there is also a cave, with models of prehistoric dwellers and important color cave paintings.

訪問する最もよい時期 : 一年中, しかし、最善の期間は5月-11月下旬です

その日のベスト期間 : 朝 6.00 に 9.00 時間. 午後, 15.00 に 17.00 時間.

そこに着く方法 : The cruising boat can be boarded at Chao Fa Boat Landing. The boat can be hired at 500 baht per hour.