Poda Island

Beautiful Beach,Clear Water-an ldyllic Venue for Sea-Lovers

PodaIslandis a major isle with the finest beach in the atolls in front of Ao Nang, not far from Thalae Whaek-theDividedSea. The charms of this idyllic isle lie in the crystal clear seawater and the white fine sand, perfect for sunbathing and swimming at ease. At low tide, a vast sand dune emerges in the front. This is therefore an idyllic venue for sea-lovers from all corners of the world to immerse in the best impressions of their lives.

საუკეთესო დრო ეწვევა : ნოემბრის ბოლოს აპრილი

საუკეთესო პერიოდი დღეს : 8.00 to 15.00 სთ.

როგორ იქ : მდებარეობა Ao Nang, there are long-tailed boats in service to Poda lslands all day long. A round trip costs 300 baht ყოველ, მოგზაურობა დაახლოებით ნახევარი საათი. Boats can also be hired exclusively at 2,200 bath