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Wat Ratchabophit

The temple of King Rama V was built in 1869. The layout of the temple is very well designed. An outstanding architectural feature is the circular-shaped colonnades at the base of the great pagoda. The architecture of the building expresses a good combination between Thai and Western designs.

Wat Ratchapradit

This temple was built during the reign of King Rama IV. The purpose is to serve Dhammayutika Nikaya Buddhism. The highlight of the temple is the murals about royal ceremonies around the twelve months and a solar eclipse.

Pi Kun Bridge & Pig Memorial

This walkway bridge was built in 1911. The Queen Mother of King Rama VI granted the construction cost to commemorate her fourth cycle (48 year-old) birthday which fell on the Year of the Pig. Two years of the Pi Kun Bridge exist, the Pig Memorial was created in 1913 as a birthday present to Queen Mother Sri Pacharindra’s 50 The birthday anniversary. The memorial was built from donation of the Queen’s friends.

Ministry Of Interior

It was the palace in the King Rama II and III periods and became a government office later on. The outstanding feature is seen by the rusticated wall and keystones at ransoms which are usually found in European Renaissance architecture.

Chang Rongsi Bridge

Constructed simultaneously with the establishment the bridge was initially made of a strong big trunk and stable that the elephant could walk on. Because of its location near the rice mill (Rongsi) of the royal rice silo, the bridge was thus called Chang Rongsi. It was rebuilt in the simple reinforced concrete structure decorated with the dog heads at the end of the bridge.