Hot Stream Waterfall

The Miraculous Warm Current of Yung Bridge

A current in the peat forest of Sapan Yung in Khlong Thom District, which is unique as it occurs at the corrugated earth surface that emits heat into the flow above, making up the warm current in the forest, with large and small ponds formed along the way, before cascading over a cliff, becoming the unique Hot Stream waterfall in Thailand that flows down to a cold current down below.

Баруға ең жақсы уақыт : Late November to May

Күннің ең жақсы кезеңі : Таң 6.00 дейін 9.00 сағ. Afternoon, 15.00 дейін 17.00 сағ.

Қалай жетуге болады :Follow Highway No.4 from Krabi toKhlongThomDistrict, and turn left into Highway No.4038 before turning right into Highway No.4021 and take the right turn into the Hot Stream Waterfall, for an entire distance of 45 kilometers.