Pileh 코 홍콩

The ldeal Lagoon for Canoeists

Ko Hong features one in the ten best beaches of the world. The lagoon is located to the North of the island, fronted by a fertile shallow water coral reef, perfect for scuba diving. Rocks are found not far from the reef, as a prime dive site to the view soft corals. The lagoon is the best site for canoeing through narrow gorge at the entrance into a vast body of water inside.

가장 좋은 시간은 방문 : 4 월 11 월 하순

Best period of day : 10.00 에 14.00 시간.

거기에 도착하는 방법 : Board a boat at Ao Nang, 무앙 지구, Laemsak or Khuan O Boat Landings in Ao Luk District, for a trip of about one and one and a half hour respectively. The boat can be hired at 2,500 – 3,500 하루 바트