Sputteren Water bij Hand Clap

Where Your Clapping Can Link With the Earth’s Force Underground

Nam Phut Propmue is a small pool with simple appearance in Ban Tham Suea, Tambon Ao Luk Tai, located in an area pleasant with peat forest and currents. At close range, several sputtering water can be found, with pressure that can be felt by hands. When you clap loudly, the sputtering water gains force, but the water is cool, not from geothermal force as seen elsewhere.

De beste tijd om te bezoeken : Het hele jaar door

Beste periode van de dag : Morning and late afternoon cemetery (Gastropod Fossil)from early to late afternoon.

Hoe kom ik daar : From Ao Luk District area,use the shortcut Ban Ao Luk Tai-Pak Khlong Marui, afstand 7 kilometer,to Ben Tham Sua,turning right and the site is 1 kilometer further.