Pileh, Phi Phi Le Island

The Emerald Lagoon of the Andaman Sea

The Emerald lagoon of the Andaman Sea, Phi Phi Le Island not only boasts a fantastic limestone formations as castles in the ocean, but also a stunning aerial view of Maya Bay with white fine sand beaches and the seawater which sparkles at high tide in the sun as deep emerald lake. While at low tide, another scene can be observed as crab-eating macaques com down.

Nthawi yabwino yoyendera : Kumapeto kwa Novembara mpaka Epulo

Nthawi yabwino masana : 10.00 to 14.00 hrs.

How to ger there : Board a boat on hire at Ao Ton Sai Pier, for a tour of Maya Bay, tje lnner Sea of Phi Phi Le and the neighboring area, at 2,500 baht a day