Shiva Lingam Insula

A Rock Sculpted by Nature in the Sea Standing up Proudly to the World Attention

A tiny isle stands singly in the sea, on the route from Laem Sak Pier toRaiIsland. The appearance of the isle, called by local residents as Lao Lotilo, catches the eyes and imagination of all by-passers, as a huge Shiva Lingam standing proudly and shamelessly against all elements. The site is also one of the most interesting canoeing sites in the country.

Cel mai bun timp pentru a vizita : Târziu noiembrie-mai

Cea mai bună perioadă a zilei : Dimineaţă 6.00 la 9.00 ore. Dupa amiaza, 15.00 la 17.00 ore.

Cum să ajungem acolo : From Laemsak Boat Lanking take a long- tailed boat for a trip of about 30 minutes