Крайний срок острова

The Fascinations of the Beaches of Twin lslands in the Sea

Comprise two identical islands – Ko Rok Nai or the Inner Ko Rok is located to the South, and Ko Rok Nok, the Outer Ko Rok to the North. Both islands feature white sand beaches in the midst of bright green lagoon to the East. В сезон дождей, there are chances to see Long Lae Waterfall, a small cascade from steep cliff into the sea to the North of Ko Rok Nok, the only such as phenomenon in Thailand.

Лучшее время для посещения : Конец ноября по апрель

Лучший период дня : 8.00 к 15.00 часов.

Как туда добраться : From Lanta island, take a hired boat to Ko Rok, costing about 1,000 baht each.Boat trip service offer only the high season from November to April.