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Rok otoki

The Fascinations of the Beaches of Twin lslands in the Sea Comprise two identical islands – Ko Rok Nai or the Inner Ko Rok is located to the South, and Ko Rok Nok, the Outer Ko Rok to the North. Both islands feature white sand beaches in the midst of bright green lagoon to thenadaljujte z branjem

Lanta Old Town Skupnosti

The Old Way of a Perfect New Life The charm of Ko Lanta lies in the beachfront on the West with several fine beaches from the North tip of the island to the Southern tip. On the contrary, the Eastern side of the island which lacks fine beaches is lined with original settlements and seanadaljujte z branjem

Dvojec Stone Cliff od Karos

The wondrous rock erosion in the form of a huge scull. Cruising along the canal to theKarosMountainstakes one through diverse tourist attractions Viewed in the morning, the shadowy scull appears like a sad devil, while in the afternoon, with direct light, the scull looks like a smiling devil. tudi, in the neighboring cliff, ghost-masks appearnadaljujte z branjem

Vožnja s kanujem skozi Tham Lod

The Superb Canoeing Experience through Krabi Sea Caves Tham Lod Nuea, Tham Lod Tai, Ao Luk District, provinca Krabi, se šteje kot skupina najlepših morskih jam kdajkoli odkrili v Krabi, with fantastic features formed by stalactites and stalagmites which allow adventurers to steer their canoes through meandering passages in annadaljujte z branjem

Big-Skull Devil jama

Mysterious Traces of Prehistoric Humans in Cave Paintings Among prehistoric cave paintings found scattering on the cliffs and caves of Krabi Province, those found within Tham Phi Hua To, the Big-Scull Devil Cave, Ban Bo Tho, Tambon Ao Luk Tai, are regarded the most extensive, about one hundred in total, presumed to date back 2,000 … nadaljujte z branjem