Баан Кратинг Паи Ресорт

Naturally Peaceful

There is simple remedy from the homegrown rice and vegetables to a private tranquil river rock beach creating peaceful and flexible private boutique living. На пола пута између Цхианг Маи и ​​Мае Хонг Сон, Бан Кратинг Паи Ресорт је локација по себи око миљу-вожње од Ампхое Паи.

Here you will find tropical forests, aromatic hill tribe scents and hospitality, and the living nature of a local community in the 20 private villas. An endlessmountain viewwith a height of location, the air is relatively cool.

Nearby attractions are Pai Market, Mae Yen Waterfall, Tham Lot, andHuaiNamDangNational Park.

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