Бан Инг Нам Хеалтх Ресорт & бања

In the Shade of the Purity

A place you never expect to leave. Бан ИнгНамис а загревања, брижан професионални лечилиште и бања за свакога ко се бави добробити и учење како да се брине о самом себи. Само кратке вожње фромБангкокто Паккред, Део, you will be found of a various series programmes for guests with particular health needs such as Relaxation, Fitness, Weight management, Managing Diabetes, High Blood Pressure Control, Cholesterol Control, Cardiovascular and physical knowledge under a controlled environment matched by their intuitive insight into your every need. 6 herbal rooms, 3 garden view bungalows and 2 luxurious Lotus Bungalows are designed for a perfect ideal comfort balance with a unique Thai and western design.

локација & Врсте соба...