Nong Thung Na Cave

In Search of the Crystal Pool under the Mountain

The latest cave tour site in Ao Luk District. In the rainy season, the cave is inaccessible except by canoes. In the dry season after January, cave tour can be made. This is the only place where the lesser leaf-nosed bat which is close to extinction reside. And most amazing of all, in the depth of the cave, there is a crystal pool filled with bright blue water under the mountain.

Best time to visit : January to May

Best period of the day: All day long. but a guide is needed and care must be taken throughout the trip

How to get there : From Ao Luk Intersection, follow Highway No.4 towards Krabi Province for 4 kilometers, and take the right turn in the same way to Tham Nong Thung Na lies about 1 kilometer before reaching Tham Khlang, on the opposite side.

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