Ban Huay Ulong

Philosophy and The off-road zone

Staying in touch with purity, Macera ve ormanın cazibesi sessizce "Ban Huay Ulong" hakkında bir şeyler söylüyor. telaşlı, modern hayattan kaçmak için isteyenler yaban hayatı ve orman görkemi bir sentezini yaşamanız için, the 31-room simple-living-styles with a green touch of nature are set deep in the Thongphaphum forest. This unspoilt paradise may not suit those who seek luxury or comfort. Rather, it suits the more adventurous travelers who want to experience true natural adventure: off-road camping, trekking in a secret cave, plus more. This is the place you may find the colour of an environment that is a philosophy for life.

yer & Room Types