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هروب جيبون

Swaying over the treetops CHIANG MAI PROVINCE. Despite the name, visitors do not exactly brachiate from tree to tree like real gibbons. Nonetheless, gliding down 2-km long zip lines hanging some 30-m over the canopy of a tropical forest must produce a similar feeling to that enjoyed by a swinging primate.   The trip beginsمواصلة القراءة

دوى شيانغ داو

The guardian spirits of Chiang CHIANG MAI PROVINCE. Chiang Dao was in the media limelight during 2003, when the government came up with a plan to builzd a cable car to the peak to boost tourism. The proposal met with unprecedented and widespread protest from both locals and environmental activists. لحسن الحظ, the plan was notمواصلة القراءة