Зеленината Resort

Adventure in Greenery Land

For travelers who believe every journey should be a little adventurous, много вдъхновяващо, и винаги награждаване - зеленината Resort, Khao Yai предлага колекция от 10 наистина отличителни дейности като цяло, като скално катерене, нано Racing, АТВ, Пейнтбол и Zorb от Нова Зеландия. Each of them creates a unique and personal experience by embracing its guests’ individual preference. After an exciting day, you could enjoy a relaxing bath to sooth you to sleep in the lap of a 146-modern-roomed contemporary boutique-style hotel. само 2 hours drive fromDonMuangAirport. There is the famousKhaoYaiNational Parkthat you should not miss either.

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