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Canoeing at Laem Sak

A New ldyllic Site for Campeosts

There are beautiful canoeing points throughout Laem Sak, from the stone poles and bonsai plants in the sea, which emerge clearly at low tide, Sea Tribe Cave, Chong Lad Nuea which appear like a lagoon in heaven surrounded by hills and high cliffs, Hin Lek Khon that reminds viewers of Ko Tapu in Phang-Nga Bay, and the stalactite cave near Laem Fai Mai which is the best canoeing site to view sunset in the Phang-Nga Bay.

La millor hora per visitar : Late November to May

El millor moment del dia : Morning and afternoon with no intense heat. The period of ebb and flow each day should also be watched, as it is more beautiful at high tide. ln late afternoon at sunset, the area around Laem Fai Mai is the best site for canoeing.

Com arribar : For the distance if 17 kilometers from Ao Luk lntersection to Laemsak Pier, use Highway No. 4309. From here, boat can be boarded to various canoeing sites. A whole day is needed to visit all sites.

Nong Thung Na Cave

In Search of the Crystal Pool under the Mountain

The latest cave tour site in Ao Luk District. In the rainy season, the cave is inaccessible except by canoes. In the dry season after January, cave tour can be made. This is the only place where the lesser leaf-nosed bat which is close to extinction reside. And most amazing of all, in the depth of the cave, there is a crystal pool filled with bright blue water under the mountain.

La millor hora per visitar : January to May

El millor moment del dia: All day long. but a guide is needed and care must be taken throughout the trip

Com arribar : From Ao Luk Intersection, follow Highway No.4 towards Krabi Province for 4 kilometers, and take the right turn in the same way to Tham Nong Thung Na lies about 1 kilometer before reaching Tham Khlang, on the opposite side.

Phet Cave

The Puzzle of the Cave and the Fascination of Glittering Flakes

TheDiamondCave, the cave is home to tiny cave worms that dwell in the dark and weave their webs on the cave wall to catch insects as food. The tiny webs when looked against the light appear like diamond chain. The miracle is in the depth of the cave with the stalagmite and stalactite forming a holy Bodhi tree in the cavity resembling a heart.

La millor hora per visitar : All through the year

El millor moment del dia : 9.00 a 16.00 hrs.

Com arribar : From Ao Luk intersection onPhetchakasem Road,use Highway No.4 towardsKrabiProvince,going for about 2 Kilometers and turn left for another 4.5 kilometers to Tham Phet Monk Residence.

Than Bokkhorani

The Heavenly Pond of the Mythological Himavanta Forest in the lmagination

The verdant primary forest traversed by emerald green current that fits the imaginative Himavanta celestial forest in the mythology is a valley in the heart of Ao Luk District with the Than Bokkhorani National Park, a well-known tourist attraction ofKrabiProvince. The Than Bokkhorani Pond never runs dry and retains its captivation charms for visitors’ relaxation.

La millor hora per visitar : All through the year

El millor moment del dia : 11.00 a 17.00 hrs.

Com arribar : The National Park lies about 1 kilometer from Ao Luk intersection in front of the District Office


Emerald Pond

An Unseen Site where the Origin of Beauty Remains to be Discovered

The Emerald Pond. An unseen site where the origin of beauty remains to be discovered, situated at Khao Pra-Bang Khram Wildlife Reserve. It is one of the richest biodiversity sites, with a mixture of a diverse types of forest, especially tropical rainforest and a large peat forest in sweet water area. In this unique forestland, the Gruney’s Pitta, once thought to be extince, have been rediscovered.

La millor hora per visitar : Tot l'any

El millor moment del dia : matí, 6.00 a 9.00 hrs. tard, 15.00 a 17.00 hrs.

Com arribar : From Krabi, use Highway No.4 to Khlong Thom District, turn left into Highway No.4038 and turn right into Highway No.4021 before taking the right turn on the same route to the Hot Stream Waterfall, but take a different turn towards Sa Morakot, altogether 50 kilometers in distance.