Than Bokkhorani

The Heavenly Pond of the Mythological Himavanta Forest in the lmagination

The verdant primary forest traversed by emerald green current that fits the imaginative Himavanta celestial forest in the mythology is a valley in the heart of Ao Luk District with the Than Bokkhorani National Park, a well-known tourist attraction ofKrabiProvince. The Than Bokkhorani Pond never runs dry and retains its captivation charms for visitors’ relaxation.

Labing maayo nga oras sa pagbisita : All through the year

Labing kaayo nga yugto sa adlaw : 11.00 sa 17.00 oras.

Unsaon pagkuha didto : The National Park lies about 1 kilometer from Ao Luk intersection in front of the District Office