The Unique Sculptures of Krabi

Sculptures were built to honor former monarchs or personalities, but here in Krabi, they broke the new ground by building Sculptures to the Sea Crab, Eagle, Elephant and the Ancient-human. The Sea Crab signifies the fertility of the mangrove forest, the Eagle signifies wide vision, the Elephant reminds of the White-Elephant of the Reign, discovered in Krabi, and the Ancient-human represents Krabi, signifying the Krabi is a significant prehistoric site.

Labing maayo nga oras sa pagbisita : Kaniadtong Nobyembre hangtod Mayo

Labing kaayo nga yugto sa adlaw : Buntag 6.00 sa 9.00 oras. Pagkagabii, 16.00 sa 18.00 oras.

Unsaon pagkuha didto : The Monument to the Sea Crab and the Monument to the Eagle are at kilometer 0, at the quay in front ofKrabiTown onUttrakit Road, the Monument to the Elephant, the Monument to the Eagle and the Monument to the Ape-Men are at the traffic lights intersection onMaharat Road.