Baan Talay Dao

Prachuap Khirikhan,Thaïlande

One says “if tomorrow never comes, this is the place of my secret hideaway”

Imagine yourself in a home among the sea and the stars, plages de sable blanc, et brise fraîche privée d'un milieu tropical. Baan Talay Dao, Hua-Hin présente et la construction de 90 ans Thai teck authentique comme la pièce maîtresse de la station. It is a home and a clubhouse to pamper guests in the morning’s sunrise, ‘til evening’s sunset. Whether you are staying in the luxurious Pavilion Suite or just in one of the studio rooms, Baan Talay Dao ensures the hospitality services provided to be infinity. 32 rooms ready to make your dream visit come true. Modern facilities are stylish and sophisticated, providing full amenities and comforts just like home.

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