Ko Phai Atoll

Miraculous View of a fried-Egg Island in the Andaman Sea that Really Exists

A fantastic island in the shape of a fried egg. Surrounded by white sand beaches and floating in a deep blue lagoon, comprisingPhaiIslandin the middle, with the steep rock cliff ofYungIslandto the West, and the bed of rocks in shallow blue water to the South forming a rich coral reef with diverse types of live corals. Looking from the air,PhaiIslandis prominent as a perfect fried egg.

Le meilleur moment pour visiter : Décembre à Janvier, on the day of clear sky with no haze

Le meilleur moment de la journée : 10.00 à 14.00 hrs.

Comment aller là : Les hélicoptères sur la location sont disponibles fromPhuketInternationalAirport

For Addition Details, Can be obtained at Skydance Helicopters Tel. 08-178-2700