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Wat Pho

Wat Pho or Wat Phra Chetupon was built in the Ayutthaya Period (1688-1703). The common name is “Wat Pho”, a shortened word of its original name Photharam. Famous for the second largest reclining Buddha image in Thailand. During the early Rattanakosin period, Wat Pho was the centre of various fields of education including traditional Thai massage.

Tha Tian Pier

In the past, Tha Tian area was one of the significant communities on Rattanakosin Island. A palace of a prince was constructed on this area in King Rama I’s reign (1782-1809) but it was destroyed by fire. Then, a foreign court and accommodation for foreigners were built before they were replaced with shophouses. Tha Tian market is known for various herbal products and dried seafood. There are the boats shuttle between the pier and Wat Arun in Thon Buri. Nearby Tha Tian Pier is located Nakarabhirom Park.

Museum Siam

Once used as the office for the Ministry of Commerce. It is located in the area of former palaces which were built in the reign of King Rama III (1824-1851). The land was transferred to the government in King Rama VI’s reign (1910-1925). The well preserved main building has three storeys. Some details and decorations; such as, pilasters and architraves is influenced by European architecture. The building is now used for the first national discovery museum called “Museum Siam”.

Pak Khlong Talad Market (Flower Market)

The large market beside the Chao Phraya River was settled since the early Rattanakosin Period. This area used to be a floating market. Nowadays, it has become the largest and the most important wholesale market of flowers and agricultural produce in Thailand. Nightlife here is crowded with people surrounded by colourful flowers.

Chao Pho Ho Klong Shrine


“Chao Pho Ho Klong” shrine or the shrine of the drum tower spirit is located on Rachini Road. The shrine is a memorial to a brave officer of the drum tower who died during a war in the reign of King Rama I (1782-1809). Every ancient city in Thailand had a drum tower. There were three drums being used for different purposes, which are telling time, warning of fire disaster, and declaring a battle event.