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Trá Fráma Wiman

Paragliding along a Light Breeze and Viewing the Bend of the Watercourse On a day with clear skies, the wind blowing moderately, waves crashing into the cliffs of Khung Wiman Beach, is a great time to be floating above the sea on the colourful engineless wings of a parachute. Open your eyes to a newContinue reading

Huai Tueng Thao

Riding around mountains Chiang mai Province. Navigating the city’s morass of gentle lanes on cool summer nights can make this one of urban Thailand’s most enjoyable riding experiences. The route has been chosen from an interminable range of others for its flexibility to both novices and experts and its extremely convenient location just outside of Chiang Mai, at the crackContinue reading

An Seanchaipiteal Ayutthaya

  Take a Bicycle Ride Back in Time Start your journey at the TAT Tourist Information Centre, following Si Sanphet Rd. (see the map), to reach the first destination. See the way of life of the citizens of the old capital. Then take a stop to ask blessings from “Phra Mongkhon Bophit”, a sacred BuddhaContinue reading

Phuklon Country Club

Pamper yourself with mud MAE HONG SON PROVINCE. After a grueling ride from Pai, with thousands of curves along Highway 1095, what could be a better way to relax than to treat yourself to a spa experience before arriving in Mae Hong Son. Phuklon is not an ordinary spa. It offers up to visitors subterraneanContinue reading

Flight of the Gibbon

Swaying over the treetops CHIANG MAI PROVINCE. Despite the name, visitors do not exactly brachiate from tree to tree like real gibbons. Nonetheless, gliding down 2-km long zip lines hanging some 30-m over the canopy of a tropical forest must produce a similar feeling to that enjoyed by a swinging primate.   The trip beginsContinue reading