Baan Krating פאי Resort

Naturally Peaceful

There is simple remedy from the homegrown rice and vegetables to a private tranquil river rock beach creating peaceful and flexible private boutique living. באמצע הדרך בין צ'יאנג מאי, Mae Hong Son, באן קראטינג פאי Resort הוא מקום בפני עצמו כקילומטר וחצי נסיעה משדה Amphoe פאי.

Here you will find tropical forests, aromatic hill tribe scents and hospitality, and the living nature of a local community in the 20 private villas. An endlessmountain viewwith a height of location, the air is relatively cool.

Nearby attractions are Pai Market, Mae Yen Waterfall, Tham Lot, andHuaiNamDangNational Park.

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