Khao Kaeo View Point

1,237 Steps to the Natural Beauty, 360 Degree above Khao Kaeo Peak

Khao Kaeo View Point is located at about 200 meters high from the mean sea level, with 1,237 steps to the top, as the most spectacular lookout for Krabi province, for a 360 degree vies, from the nearest point, to the remote western side of mountain creases, down to the South with the city of Krabi, to the North with the Phanom Bencha Mountain Range. On a full moon night, you can observe the sunset and the new moon at the same time.

הזמן הטוב ביותר לבקר : בכל ימות השנה, but the best period is from November to May.

Best periok of the day : At sunset aroung 18.30 שעות. and ar sunrise about 6.00 ל 7.00 שעות.

איך להגיע לשם : FromKrabiTown, use Highway No.4 heading towards Nuea Khlong district and turn left,Ratphatthana Road, going for about 2 קילומטרים לכיוון, making a total distance of 9 קילומטרים.