The Lanta Old Town Community

The Old Way of a Perfect New Life

The charm of Ko Lanta lies in the beachfront on the West with several fine beaches from the North tip of the island to the Southern tip. On the contrary, the Eastern side of the island which lacks fine beaches is lined with original settlements and sea tribe communities which retain their culture and remarkable natural way. Local tradition such as the Sea Tribe’s Boat Floating Festival makes up fascinations of the old lifestyle sought by tourists.

Best time to visit : All through the year, but the best period is November to April

Best period of the day : Morning, 7.00 – 9.00 hrs. late afternoon 17.00 руу 19.00 hrs.

How to get there : From Krabi, follow Highway No.4 up to the intersection to Ko Lanta Pier on Highway No.4206, and take ferry to Ko Lanta Yai, with beach road on the Eastern side up to the old town community of Ko Lanta.