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Aleenta Resort & Spa, Prachuap Khiri Khan


Bespoken holidays and breaks, anything from the sea to the endless Aleenta’s natural beach life. The sound of the ocean, unspoilt wind, and soft rising sun balance your individual private holidays with the spells of harmony. This resort is inviting you to create your own little world with Sky and Earth private villas, Yoga lessons, Thai cooking class, or just simply listen to the tinkling bell sounds from wind chimes that together discovers a sense full of splendour of magical pride. Three hours fromBangkok, yu can visitKhaoSamRoiYotNational Park, Hua-hin town, or cultural sites such as Khao Wang and Wat Khao Tao.

183 Moo 4, Paknampran, Pranburi , Pranburi, Hua Hin / Cha-am, Thailand

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Purimuntra Resort thiab Spa, Prachuap Khiri Khan

Colour, sunshine and freshness sealed an experience open for personalized and friendly services whose smooth elegance and attention to visit at Purimuntra Resort and Spa create lasting impressions. The resort is located in Pranburi, a prime new destination in Thailand. 19-room luxury oriental-style beach resort setting in a sensual comfortable environment. A mix between modern-style architecture and oriental sense on cozy romance and chic atmosphere by Naresuan Beach offers even more fresh alternatives to the typical guest’s stay. Amidst the tranquility of the natural landscape, you will enjoy a walk along the private beach leading you to Kaloak Hill (Towkosa National Park) which lies 400 matre away.

Purimuntra Resort & Spa
97 Moo 4, Pranburi, Prachuap Khiri Khan

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Baan Bayan, Prachuap Khiri Khan


Once upon a time, experience the former glory of a family who once lived in a teak Thai-style colonial house meticulously restores the Ban Bayan, Hua Hin, with a strong historical touch of aspiration. The 21 rooms of Ban Bayan cater to a discerning and selective group of guests who yearn for an ambience that’s both unique and sophisticated. A place where they can simply experience the serenity of a colonial-style beach house amidst rich history and culture. Spending a minute at the sundecks, you will feel the endless relaxation while undeniably breathing in the sea wind. The famous attractions such as Pranburi and Pa La-u Water Fall are close by and await your visit.

119 Petchkasem Road,Prachuap Khirikhan, Hua Hin Beachfront, Hua Hin / Cha-am, Thailand

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Khung Wiman puam

Paragliding along a Light Breeze and Viewing the Bend of the Watercourse

On a day with clear skies, the wind blowing moderately, waves crashing into the cliffs of Khung Wiman Beach, is a great time to be floating above the sea on the colourful engineless wings of a parachute. Open your eyes to a new point of view with paragliding.

The Khung Wiman beachfront area, besides being known for its long curved beach, it also has a two lane street that runs along the beach’s length thought to be the most beautiful of eastern Thailand. There is also an area in which the mountain slopes into the sea creating beautiful scenery and calming atmosphere.

It is shaded by a variety of beach vegetation; such as, beach sea-oak. Moreover, the breeziness of this location is highly suitable for paragliding because the activity depends upon the headwind and the warmer land surface air temperature to lift you off the ground. Also the spacious field will allow you to set up your parachute above your head while the high cliff helps block strong gusts of wind before you run into the head wind and launch. Under the parachute, over the sand, see the narrow curves of the bay and the view of the pines along with the emerald sea sparkling in the sun. To your side you can see the green mountains and admire them while being cooled by the breeze as if you were in a land of happiness.

Travel Info
From Chanthaburi town, take Highway 3 (Chanthaburi–Rayong) and continue on Highway 3399 until you reach the beach. However, you need to contact the Thaiglider Club for an appointment.
GPS qhov chaw
N12° 36.31’, E101° 52.46’
Thaiglider Club +66 2895 8879
TAT Rayong Office +66 3865 5420 to 1 , +66 3866 4585

Information :

Huai Tueng thoj

Caij ib ncig toj siab

Maiv lub xeev Chiang. Navigating lub zos morass uas cov kab khiav tas li maj rau lub caij ntuj sov txias nights yuav ua no ib tug nyob Thaib teb mas zoo caij yaam puab paub. Qhov lawv ncontsoov ntawm tus interminable kab kev los ntawm lwm tus kom nws yooj rau novices thiab ua hauj lwm thiab cov chaw saab nrau Chiang Maiv yooj yim heev, ntawm lub speed Huai Tueng thoj thiab lawv Doi Suthep National Park.The xwb ua rau ib tug gloriously amiable shotgun-kab tshoob ntawm qhov chaw mountainous forests thiab lwm tsib tom teb, thiab ntau ntau urbane amenities thiab cov dej num uas sau itinerary thiab plab.

Me ntsis ntxiv lawm hauv kev

Txij ib lub tsheb tuam sis khw rau kev Sam Lan uas sau yav tas los Wat Phra hu nkauj, tawm hauv lub nroog phab ntsa sab hnub poob, tom qab cov northbound quadrant ntawm tus moat up until cov kev tshuam ntawm lub ces kaum ua ntej raws laug mus Huai Kaeo kev kis Chiang Maiv cov hiob khw khw thiab cia mus kom txog rau thaum cov kev tshuam loj thib ob, muaj, siv lub northward righturn. 1 km rau, koj yuav tau tawm ntawm txoj kev loj thiab ua raws li txoj kev khiav raws cov kwj dej thaum uas tig mus av, tom qab cov tsos mob rau qhov chaw ntau pob 700 xyoo, qhov twg koj tig laug nyob tom qab 5 km. Huai Tueng thoj, tau ib reservoir, yog cia li kuj nce mentsis ntxiv hauv txoj kev.

Tab sis txhob siv nqe ncaj muaj, kom rau txoj ke thiab mus rau nram qhov chaw ntau pob, hla lub phab ntsa dej tauv rau tom hav zoov. Ua raws li tus zoo ntxim nyiam kawg, xiav thiab khij liab mixed struts tseem khiav uas koj tawm hauv Huai Tueng thoj tom qab 10 km. Txwv tsis pub, circling lub pas dej no yog ua rau nws tus kheej thiab ua li cas koj thiaj muab nuj nqi nrov koj tus kheej ntawm ib cov pheej yig thiab breezy lakeside nojmov ntau ua ntej rov mus rau Chiang Maiv.

H ow T o G e t T h e r e
Muaj tsis yog yooj yim heev ntawm qhov chaw lub nroog Chiang Maiv. Yog tsav saum kev kwj dej, yav tas los lub chaw ntau pob 700 xyoo, tsav. 2 km. thiab ua raws li tej. Lub pas dej no rau ib thaj chaw zoo nkauj rau roob views.

GPS qhov chaw
N19 ° 25.491′
E97 ° 57.181′