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ငါအချို့အလုပ် Dao ရှိ

Prachuap KhiriKhan,Thailand One says “if tomorrow never comes, this is the place of my secret hideaway” Imagine yourself in a home among the sea and the stars, အဖြူသဲကမ်းခြေ, နှင့်အပူပိုင်းဒေသအလယ်ကနေပုဂ္ဂလိကအေးမြလေပြေ. ငါအချို့အလုပ် Dao ရှိ, ဟွာဟင်သည်အပန်းဖြေစခန်း၏အဓိကအချက်အချာဖြစ်သည့်အသက် ၉၀ အရွယ်ရှိကျွန်းသစ်အဆောက်အအုံကိုလက်ဆောင်အဖြစ်ပြသခဲ့သည်. … ဆက်ဖတ်ပါ

Baan Krating ပိုင်အပန်းဖြေစခန်း

Naturally Peaceful There is simple remedy from the homegrown rice and vegetables to a private tranquil river rock beach creating peaceful and flexible private boutique living. Halfway between Chiang Mai and Mae Hong Son, Ban Krating Pai Resort is a location on its own about a mile-drive from Amphoe Pai. Here you will find tropicalဆက်ဖတ်ပါ

ကျွန်းဥယျာဉ် Spa အပန်းဖြေစခန်း & ဟိုတယ်

Stylish Comfort Simply the best way to reward yourself! Just keep one weekend in your busy diary open for the Teak Garden Spa Resort & ဟိုတယ်. The contemporary design of the 80 rooms and suites is applied with teak and Lanna style building. Experience sunset dining in a garden, international cuisine and traditional northern culinaryဆက်ဖတ်ပါ


The Masterpiece Boutique River Resort & Spa Experience a culture rich in architectural design, paintings and pottery, history the reaches back to the 7th century and the people that are the inspiration for “The Legend”. As our guest, you are free to decide how to enjoy your golden trip, making full use of our wideဆက်ဖတ်ပါ

Sukantara ကက်စကိတ်အပန်းဖြေစခန်း

The Little Eden Sukantara is Chiang Mai’s most stylish and cascade resort, offering its guests a sensational personal peace and natural romantic world. 6 appointed Balinese and Lanna style cottages ensure an environment of sheer escapism and luxury forest scenery. Open-air style bathing facilities. Interior furniture and decorations are carefully handmade by local craftsmen. Onဆက်ဖတ်ပါ