Gastropod Fossil

The Puzzling Miracle of Krabi Shells

Laem Pho, the site of the 75-million-yearShellCemetery, the shells are that of freshwater mollusks as a flat platform of fossil along the shoreline known as theShellCemetery. The peculiarity inThailand. jednak, is that at Ban Na Khao, Khao Phanom District, fossil of sea shell of ark shell species aged 300 - 350 million years has been found on a hill slope with an appearance of lignite.

Najlepszy czas na wizytę : Pod koniec listopada do kwietnia

Najlepszym okresem na dzień : Watch the sunrise over Laem Pho at 6.00 hrs.and tour the freshwater shell cemetery from early to late afternoon.

Jak się tam dostać : Laem Pho is 17 Kilometers from Krabi Town area, by taking Highways No. 4034 and 4204,The freshwater shell cemetery is at Ben Na Khao, Khao Phanom District,o 12 kilometers from the district area.