Тап Khaek Бич

The Supreme Beauty of Sunset in the Outcrops

The beach in the best environment in Krabi. В течение дня, the fine white sand beach is seen against the wide sea, with the beautiful outcrops in the background, andYaoNoiIslandat the far end. It is a heavenly beach for the naturalists. But not many know that in the late afternoon, the sunset atThapKhaekBeachis magnificent with the sunset glow against the outcrops in the ocean.

Лучшее время для посещения : Late November to Aprill

Лучший период дня : 18.00 к 19.00 часов.

Как туда добраться : FromKrabiTown, использовать Трасса №. 4034 в Ban Нонг Тал, turning left towards the Palace three-way junction, and taking the right turn pastKhlongMuangBeach toThapKhaekBeach, a total distance of 24 километров.