Хот спринг Плажа

A Miraculous Natural Spa on the Beach

Each month, at the peak of low tide, the Hot Spring beach caused by geothermal heat over the vast beach emerges in the morning. This natural spa is where local residents brought local wisdom in Thai massage into heated steam bath on bamboo bed. Foot spa can be done by putting the feet in warm water or in warm mud.

Најбоље време за посету : All through the year

Најбољи период дана : Morning of high tide period, the 12th day of kthe waxing or waning moon to the 6th day of the new moon.

Како да стигнемо тамо : Board the boat at Ban Ton Makham Pier, Tambon Ao Luk Nuea, о томе 10 kilometers from Ao Luk District, for a 10-minute trip.