Таг Арцхивес: Краби Туристичка

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The Rendez-vous for Leopard Shark and Wonderful Corals under the Sea

Musang Reef or better known as Shark Point or Anemone Reef and King Cruiser Wreck make up another underwater empire which is the best dive site of theAndamanSea, налази се између Пхукет андПхиПхиИсланд, with the character of underwater coral groves and dunes covered by colorful sea anemone, as well as the new home for marine life from the King Cruiser Wreck. More importantly, Musang Rock is the rendez-vous for Leopard Shark.

Најбоље време за посету : December to April, with February to March as the best period

Најбољи период дана : 10.00 to 13.00 hrs.

Како да стигнемо тамо : From Phi Phi Don, board the boat atTonSaiBay for a distance of 20 kms, lasting 45 minutes, or from Krabi, at Ao Nang, a distance of 35 kms. lasting 1 hour 45 minutes

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The Lasting Memory of the Setting Sun and the Impressive Lighthouse

The far end of Ko Lanta Yai, дуж плаже на западу острва је локација офЛантаИсландсНатионал парк. У овом тренутку, између тачка истуреном у море су близанци увале савија лепо једно у друго, topped by an old lighthouse which in the evening glow as the sun is setting in the sea, makes a lasting memory in your mind, as another page in the travel journal.

Best time to view : Касно новембра до априла

Најбољи период дана : 18.00 to 19.00 hrs.

Како да стигнемо тамо: FromKrabiTown, use Highway No.4 past Khlong Thom District up to the intersection to Ko Lanta Pier on Highway No.4206 and take the ferry to Lanta Yai lsland with the beach road on the West up to the end at the tip of Laem Tanod.

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Дреам Ајленд за море – Lovers

The island in theAndamanSeasurrounded by deep green water, контрасту са дугом белом пјешчане плаже и Цоцонут Грове. Острво је суочени с плаже, отварање се уз море на истоку. занимљиво, острво је у надлежности офКрабиПровинце, but it is most accessible from Pak Meng Beach of Trang Province.

Најбоље време за посету : Касно новембра до априла

Најбољи период дана : 10.00 to 15.00 hrs.

Како да стигнемо тамо : From Lanta laland ,a passenger boat to Ngai lsland is available, costing 450-500 baht each or an speed boat at 650 baht each, Provided only during the high season from November to May. And fromPakMengBeach, Sikao District, boat can be hired to Ko Ngai at 1,200-1,500 baht per trip.

Хин Муанг, хин Даенг

One in the Ten Best Dive Sites of the World

The beauty of the underwater world made up of plenty of red soft coral and red sea fan coral on underwater rock cliff about 60 метара висине. Недалеко је Хин Муанг, Пурпле Рок, са подводним литице 200 метара дужине, where numerous purple soft coral can be found. It is also an assembling point for large fish, especially the Manta Ray, and the whale shark. It is ranked as one in the ten best dive sites of the world.

Најбоље време за посету : December to April, with February to march as the prime period

Најбољи период дана : 10.00 to 13.00 hrs.

Како да стигнемо тамо : The most convenient point is Sala Dan Boat Landing, Lanta Yai lsland, a distance of about 75 kilometers, for a boat trip of about 3-4 hours.

Ба Кан Тианг Беацх

The Superb Beauty of the Ko Lanta Beaches

Ko Lanta Yai is known as anislandofKrabiwith several beautiful beaches along the western side of the island, све отворе како би тхеАндаманСеа. Све ове плаже су савршени за опуштање и купање. Али најлепша плажа је Ба Кан Тианг Беацх, над 1 kilometer long as the apex of Ko Lanta beach beauty.

Најбоље време за посету : Late November to May

Најбољи период дана : Morning 8.00 to 12.00 hrs.and at sunset about 18.30 hrs.

Како да стигнемо тамо : From Krabi, use Highway No. 4 past Khlong Thom District up to the intersection to the pier, into Lanta lsland, use Highway No. 4206, and cross by ferry twice from Lanta Noi to Lanta yai lsland, with beachfront road on the West throughout the entire island.