Rai Cliff

A World-Class Challenge for Enthusiastic Rock Climbers

Ao Rai Le is another significant bay ofKrabiProvincein terms of tourism. Den vita fina sandstranden för avkoppling är på West Rai Le Bay, medan East Rai Le Bay kantas av bergsklättring butiker och berömda utbildningsinstitutioner, as it is one of the most breathtaking rock climbing sites of the world. This is a great challenge and a chance to display your ardor and adventurism.

Bästa tiden att besöka : Late November to January

Bästa period av dagen : Morning and afternoon with no intense heat

Hur man kommer dit : FromKrabiTown,use Highways No.4034 and 4204 to the Ban Nam Mao lntersection and turn right into Ao Nam Mao,before taking long-tailed boat to Rai Le East beach.