Thalae Whaek

The Divided Sea, an Infinite Unseen

The Divided Sea, an infinite Unseen feature. Every 12th day of the waning and the waxing moon to the 5th day of the new moon, the tide is at its peak ebb and flow, resulting in a phenomenon of divided sea, when the sea recedes and the sand dune emerges between Ko Thap, Ko Mo, and Ko Kai. After sunset, tens of thousands of flying foxes taking flight from the caves in Ko Kai, lasting hours to complete.

Bästa tiden att besöka : Late NOV-Maj
Bästa period av dagen : High tide period from the 12th day of the waxing or the waning moon up to the 5th day of the new moon, about one hour each day to observe the most spectacular divided sea, the period after the sunset, at about 18.30 H. when the sky is filled with tens of thousands of fruit bats or flying foxes out tofind their food.

Hur man kommer dit : Från Ao Nang , use the long- tailed boat to Thale Whaek and Poda Island to the North of the beach, vid en avgift på 300 baht varje, för en resa på ungefär en halvtimme, or hire aboat for a day trip.