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Baandum அருங்காட்சியகத்தில் கருப்பு கலை ஒரு தொகுப்பு

A creation of intriguing arts in black by Thawan Duchanee, the famous Thai artist, is exhibited within the cluster of houses in the area of Baandum Museum. அந்த 36 houses are decorated with exquisite carved wood, horns, and unique structural designs, while the masterpiece of this museum is the Maha Wihan displaying a collection ofதொடர்ந்து படி

BATCAT மியூசியம் & TOYS தாய்லாந்து

Welcome to BATCAT MUSEUM & TOYS THAILAND The FIRST of its kind in AsiaCome & be inspired by one of the world’s finest, and Asia’s largest, Batman and other famous superhero collections. This collection of superhero (from comics, cartoons, TV shows and movies) memorabilia is also the first of its kind in Asia. Beதொடர்ந்து படி