The Best of Asia’s Beautiful Caves

The most spectacular cave in Ao Luk District of Krabi Province, 有特色. 从土地洞穴, 游客可以徒步到另一个侧面和背面通过相邻的双窑洞. 美丽的石笋和钟乳石只能在土地山洞中找到, 通过 13 cavities of about 1,200 meters deep.

最佳游览时间 : 所有通过一年

当天的最佳时期 : All day long, but a guide is needed as the cave system is quite extensive and complicated and the unitiated can easily get lost.

到那里怎么走 : From Ao Luk lntersection, follow Highway No. 4 towards Krabi province for about 4 kilometers and take the right turn in fromt if Ban Nai Yuan Khaek School for another 2 公里.