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fox Reef

The Rendez-vous for Leopard Shark and Wonderful Corals under the Sea Musang Reef or better known as Shark Point or Anemone Reef and King Cruiser Wreck make up another underwater empire which is the best dive site of theAndamanSea, located between Phuket andPhiPhiIsland, with the character of underwater coral groves and dunes covered by colorfulpokračovat ve čtení

Jeskyně Tanod

The Lasting Memory of the Setting Sun and the Impressive Lighthouse The far end of Ko Lanta Yai, along the beach to the West of the island is the location ofLantaIslandsNational Park. At this point, between the point jutting to the sea are the twin bays curving beautifully into each other, topped by an oldpokračovat ve čtení

Ngai Island

The Dream lsland for SeaLovers The island in theAndamanSeasurrounded by deep green water, contrasting with long white sand beach and coconut grove. The island is fronted by the beach, opening out to the sea on the East. Interestingly, the island is in the jurisdiction ofKrabiProvince, but it is most accessible from Pak Mengpokračovat ve čtení

hin Muang, hin Daeng

One in the Ten Best Dive Sites of the World The beauty of the underwater world made up of plenty of red soft coral and red sea fan coral on underwater rock cliff about 60 metry vysoká. Kousek od domu je Hin Muang, Purple rock, s podvodního útesu 200 metrů dlouhý, where numerouspokračovat ve čtení

Ba Kan Tiang Beach

The Superb Beauty of the Ko Lanta Beaches Ko Lanta Yai is known as anislandofKrabiwith several beautiful beaches along the western side of the island, všechny se otevírají na AnamanSea. Všechny tyto pláže jsou ideální pro relaxaci a koupání. Ale nejkrásnější pláž je Ba Kan Tiang Beach, přes 1 kilometer long as thepokračovat ve čtení