夢lsland海 – Lovers

The island in theAndamanSeasurrounded by deep green water, 長的白色沙灘和椰林對比. 島上對著海灘, 開出大海東. 有趣的是, 該島是在管轄ofKrabiProvince, but it is most accessible from Pak Meng Beach of Trang Province.

最佳遊覽時間 : 十一月下旬至4月

當天的最佳時期 : 10.00 至 15.00 小時.

到那裡怎麼走 : From Lanta laland ,a passenger boat to Ngai lsland is available, costing 450-500 baht each or an speed boat at 650 每銖, Provided only during the high season from November to May. And fromPakMengBeach, Sikao District, boat can be hired to Ko Ngai at 1,200-1,500 baht per trip.