Spiaggia di Khlong Muang

The Unique Setting Sun in the Sea

At the far end of Laem Hang Nak on the route to the Royal Residence, you will findKhlongMuangBeachfacing the open sea with a great background. Durante il giorno, the vast beach is seen against the blue sky and the ocean, but in afternoon in Summer, the scene of the setting sun adorns the beach with a lone tree at the far end ofMotDaengIsland, making a unique sunset fascination.

Periodo migliore per visitare : Tardo nov-Apr

Periodo migliore della giornata : 18.00 a 19.00 ore.

Come arrivare là : FromKrabiTown, follow Highway No. 4034 a Ban Nong Thale, turning left to the Palace three-way junction, and taking the right turn toKhlongMuangBeach, 24 kilometers in total distance.