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The Greenery Resort

Adventure in Greenery Land

For travelers who believe every journey should be a little adventurous, molto ispirante, e sempre gratificante - The Greenery Resort, Khao Yai offre una collezione di 10 attività veramente distintivi del tutto, come arrampicata su roccia, nano da corsa, ATV, Paintball e Zorb dalla Nuova Zelanda. Each of them creates a unique and personal experience by embracing its guests’ individual preference. After an exciting day, you could enjoy a relaxing bath to sooth you to sleep in the lap of a 146-modern-roomed contemporary boutique-style hotel. Solo 2 hours drive fromDonMuangAirport. There is the famousKhaoYaiNational Parkthat you should not miss either.

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Farm Chokchai Campo

Boutique on a Farm

Inviting to touch a kind-of-charm, un incantevole, esperienza selvaggia di straordinaria boutique a Farm Chokchai Campo. fresca brezza delle risorse naturali abbondanti verde foresta pervade una sala convegni che si affaccia nel bel mezzo di una valle in cima ad una collina verde che degrada dolcemente sotto l'ombra dei terreni agricoli. Agro-turismo, team building activity, outdoor cooking class, BBQ party, or even ice cream making are amazingly featured among the panoramic views over countryside sprinkled with abandoned fortresses. 50 room accommodation with an unusual style of camping and seminar packages are recommended for a unique lifetime experience.

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